Ned Collections Glassware – Glassware by Brett Mather and Dan Webb

Ned Collections is a Christchurch-based design studio that offers unique and stylish homewares and furniture. The range is carefully curated with a minimalist aesthetic and eclectic edge. Founded by two friends, the company has a strong sense of style and the products reflect this. The company’s range is diverse, offering everything from decorative items to home furnishings.
Les Vase by Ned Collections

The Les Vase from Ned Collections is one of the many pieces available in this company’s Glassware range. It is an elegant and unusual vase that looks great on its own or with other glassware pieces. The vase works well with flowers, foliage, and dried flora to create a look that is truly unique.
Les Vase by Brett Mather

NED Collections is a New Zealand-based company founded by Brett Mather and Dan Webb. These two designers have a passion for ceramics and an eye for clean, eclectic design. They travel to Vietnam, Thailand and China to source their ceramics and know each of the suppliers personally.
Les Vase by Dan Webb

NED Collections was founded by Brett Mather and Dan Webb in 2015. They are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Before establishing their own business, both men played professional rugby for 10 years. While playing rugby, they also worked on home renovation projects, which cultivated a passion for interior design.

Les Vase features an elephant motif that is derived from the decorative tradition of the Four Continents. The decapitated heads of elephants evoke the emblematic weapons used by African warriors in battle, and also the representational scalp hats worn by Western conquerors as spoils of war. This is a powerful image that makes an elegant and sculptural vase.

The art collection of the British Museum is incredibly diverse, containing more than seventy thousand works. This includes works by Rembrandt, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, William Hogarth, Francis Hayman, William Etty, Henry Fuseli, and Sir William Nicholson.
About Ned Collections

Ned Collections is a brand of homeware and furniture that was founded by two Christchurch friends with a love for clean design and eclectic influences. They source their products from all over the world and curate each collection with the customer in mind. Each of their suppliers is personally known by the founders of the company.