Top 10 Unique Baby Mobiles You Haven’t Seen Before

Baby mobiles are a delightful addition to any nursery, providing visual and auditory stimulation for your little one. If you’re looking for something truly special, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 unique baby mobiles that stand out from the rest. These mobiles offer creative designs and features that you won’t find in the average mobile. For a wide selection of unique baby mobiles, visit

1. The Starry Night Projection Mobile

This mobile projects a mesmerizing starry sky onto the ceiling, creating a soothing bedtime atmosphere for your baby. The combination of gentle music and rotating stars helps to calm and entertain your little one, making bedtime a magical experience.

2. The DIY Custom Mobile Kit

For the crafty parent, the DIY Custom Mobile Kit allows you to create a one-of-a-kind mobile tailored to your baby’s nursery theme. The kit includes various elements such as felt shapes, beads, and strings, giving you the freedom to design a unique mobile that reflects your creativity.

3. The Ocean Explorer Mobile

Dive into an underwater adventure with the Ocean Explorer Mobile. Featuring colorful sea creatures like fish, turtles, and octopuses, this mobile brings the wonders of the ocean to your baby’s crib. The gentle swaying motion and soft music create a calming environment.

4. The Woodland Creatures Mobile

Bring the charm of the forest into your nursery with the Woodland Creatures Mobile. This mobile features adorable felt animals such as foxes, owls, and deer, hanging from natural wooden branches. The earthy colors and whimsical design make it a standout piece.

5. The Balloon Adventure Mobile

Take your baby on a whimsical journey with the Balloon Adventure Mobile. This mobile features hot air balloons made from colorful fabrics, with tiny animals peeking out of the baskets. The cheerful design and gentle movement capture your baby’s attention and imagination.

6. The Solar System Mobile

Introduce your baby to the wonders of the universe with the Solar System Mobile. This educational mobile includes miniature planets and stars, each labeled with their names. The rotating motion and soft glow create a soothing atmosphere while sparking curiosity about space.

7. The Musical Carousel Mobile

This classic mobile features a rotating carousel with charming horses and a selection of gentle lullabies. The Musical Carousel Mobile adds a touch of vintage elegance to your nursery, and its calming music helps soothe your baby to sleep.

8. The Rainbow Dreamcatcher Mobile

Combining the elements of a dreamcatcher and a rainbow, this mobile is both beautiful and meaningful. The Rainbow Dreamcatcher Mobile features colorful feathers, beads, and charms, designed to catch and chase away bad dreams, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for your baby.

9. The Fairytale Castle Mobile

Create a fairytale wonderland in your nursery with the Fairytale Castle Mobile. This enchanting mobile features miniature castles, unicorns, and princesses, all delicately crafted from felt and fabric. The whimsical design inspires your baby’s imagination and adds a magical touch to the room.

10. The Vintage Airplane Mobile

Perfect for little aviators, the Vintage Airplane Mobile features wooden airplanes painted in retro colors. The mobile’s nostalgic design and gentle movement make it a charming addition to any nursery, sparking dreams of adventurous flights.

Choosing the Right Unique Mobile

When selecting a unique baby mobile, consider the following factors:

1. Safety

Ensure the mobile is made from non-toxic materials and has no small parts that could pose a choking hazard. It should be securely attached and out of your baby’s reach.

2. Design and Theme

Choose a mobile that complements your nursery theme and reflects your personal style. A unique mobile can serve as a focal point in the room and add a special touch to the decor.

3. Engagement Features

Look for mobiles with engaging features such as music, lights, or movement. These elements can help capture your baby’s attention and provide additional sensory stimulation.

Our Recommendations at

At, we offer a range of unique baby mobiles that combine creativity and functionality. Here are some of our top picks:

1. The Starry Night Projection Mobile

This mobile projects a soothing starry sky and plays gentle music, creating a magical bedtime experience for your baby.

2. The Ocean Explorer Mobile

Featuring colorful sea creatures and calming music, this mobile brings the wonders of the ocean to your baby’s crib.

3. The Fairytale Castle Mobile

This enchanting mobile inspires your baby’s imagination with its whimsical design and delicate craftsmanship.

Final Thoughts

A unique baby mobile can add a touch of creativity and charm to your nursery while providing essential sensory stimulation for your little one. Explore our range of unique baby mobiles and find the perfect one for your nursery at Happy decorating!

DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas: Create Your Own Stylish Setup

Creating your own DIY vanity mirror can be a fun and rewarding project that adds a personal touch to your beauty space. With a few materials and some creativity, you can make a stylish and functional mirror that enhances your makeup routine. Here are some DIY vanity mirror ideas to inspire you.

1. Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror

Materials Needed:

  • Large mirror
  • Hollywood-style light bulbs
  • Power drill and screws
  • Measuring tape and pencil
  • Power strip or extension cord
  • Wooden frame (optional)


  1. Choose a Mirror: Select a large mirror that fits your space. You can use an existing mirror or purchase a new one.
  2. Mark and Drill: Measure and mark where you want the light bulbs to be placed around the mirror. Drill holes for the bulbs.
  3. Install the Bulbs: Insert the bulbs into the holes and secure them with screws. Connect the bulbs to a power strip or extension cord.
  4. Add a Frame (Optional): Attach a wooden frame around the mirror for a finished look.
  5. Mount the Mirror: Mount the mirror on the wall or place it on a vanity table.

Top Pick: The Glamour Vanity Mirror with Hollywood Lights from LED Mirror World is a great inspiration for this DIY project, offering bright and adjustable lighting.

2. Frameless LED Vanity Mirror

Materials Needed:

  • Frameless mirror
  • LED light strips
  • Adhesive hooks or clips
  • Power strip or extension cord
  • Measuring tape and pencil


  1. Choose a Mirror: Select a frameless mirror that fits your space. A frameless design offers a sleek, modern look.
  2. Attach the LED Strips: Use adhesive hooks or clips to attach LED light strips around the edges of the mirror. Ensure the strips are evenly spaced.
  3. Connect the Power: Connect the LED strips to a power strip or extension cord. Ensure the power source is easily accessible.
  4. Mount the Mirror: Mount the mirror on the wall or place it on a vanity table.

Top Pick: The Infinity Series LED Mirror from LED Mirror World offers a similar sleek, frameless design with integrated LED lighting.

3. Rustic Wooden Vanity Mirror

Materials Needed:

  • Large mirror
  • Reclaimed wood planks
  • Wood glue or nails
  • Measuring tape and pencil
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or paint (optional)


  1. Choose a Mirror: Select a large mirror that fits your space. An existing mirror can be repurposed for this project.
  2. Prepare the Wood: Cut the reclaimed wood planks to size, sand them smooth, and stain or paint them if desired.
  3. Create the Frame: Attach the wood planks around the edges of the mirror using wood glue or nails. Ensure the frame is secure and even.
  4. Mount the Mirror: Mount the mirror on the wall or place it on a vanity table.

Top Pick: The Classic Round Vanity Mirror from LED Mirror World can be enhanced with a rustic wooden frame for a unique look.

Tips for Success

  1. Plan Ahead: Before starting your DIY project, plan the design and gather all necessary materials. This will ensure a smooth and successful process.
  2. Safety First: Always follow safety guidelines when using power tools and electrical equipment. Ensure all connections are secure and safe.
  3. Personalize: Add personal touches like decorative frames, custom lighting patterns, or unique materials to make your mirror truly one-of-a-kind.


Creating your own DIY vanity mirror can be a rewarding project that adds a personal touch to your beauty space. With high-quality materials and inspiration from LED Mirror World, you can create a stylish and functional mirror that meets your needs. Visit our website or showroom to explore our collection and discover the perfect products for your DIY project.

How Often Should You Clean Your Roof in Wellington? Expert Recommendations

Introduction: Regular roof cleaning is crucial for maintaining the appearance and structural integrity of your home. However, determining how often to clean your roof can be challenging, especially with Wellington’s unique climate. This article offers expert advice on how frequently roofs in Wellington should be cleaned to prevent damage and maintain their appearance.

  1. Factors Influencing Roof Cleaning Frequency:

Climate: Wellington’s climate is characterized by high humidity and frequent rainfall, which can lead to the growth of moss, algae, and lichen on your roof. These organisms can cause damage to roofing materials if not removed regularly. The wet conditions also contribute to the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Roof Material: The type of roofing material you have can influence how often it needs cleaning. Asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile, and slate each have different maintenance requirements. For example, asphalt shingles are more prone to algae growth, while metal roofs may require less frequent cleaning.

Proximity to Trees: Homes surrounded by trees are more likely to have debris, such as leaves and twigs, accumulate on the roof. This organic matter can trap moisture and promote the growth of moss and algae. If your home is near trees, you may need to clean your roof more often.

Pollution Levels: Urban areas with higher pollution levels may experience more dirt and grime buildup on roofs. Homes in these areas may require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance.

  1. General Guidelines for Roof Cleaning Frequency:

Annual Cleaning: As a general rule, it’s advisable to clean your roof at least once a year. This annual cleaning helps remove dirt, debris, and any organic growth that may have accumulated over the past year, keeping your roof in good condition.

Biannual Cleaning: For homes in areas with high humidity, heavy rainfall, or surrounded by trees, biannual cleaning (twice a year) is recommended. This frequency ensures that moss, algae, and debris are kept in check, preventing potential damage to your roof.

Quarterly Cleaning: In environments with severe pollution, dense vegetation, or where there is heavy foot traffic and frequent use of outdoor spaces, quarterly cleaning (every three months) might be necessary. This frequent washing helps maintain the appearance and integrity of your roof.

  1. Signs That Your Roof Needs Cleaning:

Visible Dirt and Stains: If you notice visible dirt, stains, or discoloration on your roof, it’s time for a clean. Ignoring these signs can lead to more severe issues over time.

Moss and Algae Growth: The presence of moss and algae is a clear indication that your roof needs cleaning. These organisms can cause damage to roofing materials and should be removed promptly.

Water Stains and Damage: Inspect the exterior walls of your home for water stains or damage. Overflowing gutters can cause water to run down the sides of your house, leading to stains, mold growth, and deterioration of the siding. Water damage near the foundation is also a sign that the gutters are not directing water away as they should.

Peeling Paint or Rust: Take a look at the paint on your home’s exterior and the condition of the gutters themselves. Peeling paint and rust spots are signs that water is not being properly directed away from the house. Regular gutter cleaning can prevent these issues and maintain the appearance of your home.

Unusual Sounds: If you hear unusual sounds, such as water dripping or splashing, when it’s not raining, it could be a sign of clogged gutters. These sounds indicate that water is not flowing through the downspouts as it should and is instead pooling in the gutters or overflowing.

  1. Signs That Your Roof Needs Cleaning:

Visible Dirt and Stains: If you notice visible dirt, stains, or discoloration on your roof, it’s time for a clean. Ignoring these signs can lead to more severe issues over time.

Moss and Algae Growth: The presence of moss and algae is a clear indication that your roof needs cleaning. These organisms can cause damage to roofing materials and should be removed promptly.

Water Stains and Damage: Inspect the exterior walls of your home for water stains or damage. Overflowing gutters can cause water to run down the sides of your house, leading to stains, mold growth, and deterioration of the siding. Water damage near the foundation is also a sign that the gutters are not directing water away as they should.

Peeling Paint or Rust: Take a look at the paint on your home’s exterior and the condition of the gutters themselves. Peeling paint and rust spots are signs that water is not being properly directed away from the house. Regular gutter cleaning can prevent these issues and maintain the appearance of your home.

Unusual Sounds: If you hear unusual sounds, such as water dripping or splashing, when it’s not raining, it could be a sign of clogged gutters. These sounds indicate that water is not flowing through the downspouts as it should and is instead pooling in the gutters or overflowing.

  1. Professional Roof Cleaning:

Advantages of Professional Cleaning: While DIY roof cleaning is an option, professional roof cleaning services offer several advantages. Professionals have the right tools, equipment, and expertise to clean your roof thoroughly and safely. They can also identify and address any underlying issues that may require attention.

Choosing a Professional Service: When selecting a professional roof cleaning service in Wellington, consider factors such as experience, reputation, licensing, and insurance. Look for companies that use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and have a track record of satisfied customers.

Conclusion: Determining how often to clean your roof in Wellington depends on various factors, including climate, roof material, proximity to trees, and pollution levels. By following the general guidelines and paying attention to the specific needs of your roof, you can maintain its appearance and structural integrity. Regular roof cleaning not only enhances the beauty of your home but also prevents potential damage and extends the lifespan of your roof. For professional and reliable roof cleaning wellington services, contact Classic Cleaners. Their experienced team can help keep your roof clean and well-maintained year-round. Schedule your service today and enjoy the benefits of a clean, protected roof.

Why Buy a Mini Sex Doll?

Whether you are looking for a new sexual partner or simply need a toy to gratify your kinkiest desires, the mini sex doll is an excellent choice. It’s affordable and easy to clean, and it can fit in tight spaces without taking up much room.

It’s important to clean your sex doll after each use to prevent the spread of microscopic organisms that could endanger your health. There are a few different ways to do this, including irrigating and using renewal powder.


A cheap sex doll is an ideal option for those who want to try new kinks but don’t feel ready for full-body dolls. They’re also great for people who don’t have the money to buy premium love dolls or those with limited storage space.

Typically made from soft TPE, they have a lifelike look and feel, yet are much cheaper than silicone. They’re porous, so they may harbour bacteria and odours, but they can be cleaned with warm water or lubricant to keep them in tip-top condition.

While sex dolls are legal in most countries, they’re often banned by governments that consider them childlike and therefore dangerous for children to use. These laws are based on the perception that using a small sex doll can lead to sexual addictions. This is false and completely unfounded. There are many other reasons why sex dolls are so popular, including their affordability and their ability to satisfy different sexual fantasies.


Despite having realistic oral, pussy and ass openings, these dolls are lighter than standard ones. This makes them perfect for a discreet sex toy. The lightweight nature also makes it easier to carry around with you when you go out.

When shopping for a mini sex doll, make sure you buy from a genuine vendor with authentic photos and reviews. Also, look out for prices that seem too good to be true. These are usually a red flag.

Also, it’s best to purchase a doll made with silicone or TPE material, since these materials have their own pros and cons when it comes to hentai. Medical-grade silicone is the most hygienic, but it’s also the most expensive. However, it has the advantage of being non-porous, latex-free and phthalate-free. It also rejects odors and stretches to accommodate the wearer’s body shape. It’s also a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

Easy to Clean

When you’re using a mini sex doll, it is important to keep her clean. This will help you avoid bacteria buildup and other potential health issues. You can use a mild antibacterial soap to wash the doll and her accessories.

Make sure to get all the parts of the doll clean, including the vagina and anus. You can also use a small amount of lubricant to make the experience more enjoyable. Just be careful not to use silicone-based lubricants, which can damage the material over time.

Once the doll is clean, you can place her on a towel to dry her. Be sure to avoid getting her neck and head wet, as this can cause rust on any metal components. It’s also a good idea to apply talcum powder to the doll, which will help protect her from friction damage and prevent friction burns. It will also help her absorb excess moisture more quickly. You can find a variety of talcum powders at most beauty stores.


As with most adult toys, there is a large variety of small and mini sex dolls on the market. Many manufacturers produce realistic, lifelike sex dolls that replicate facial features, body shapes and sizes, and even genitalia. Often, these dolls can be customized with different hair styles, eye colors, and skin tones.

Some of these sex dolls are even sculpted to show the veins and muscles of the body for added realism. In addition to this, they are usually made from high-quality silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This makes them feel soft and supple to the touch, with the ability to mimic the texture of human skin.

Small and mini sex dolls are also travel-friendly, as they can be easily packed in suitcases or other containers for discreet transport. However, they are more susceptible to damage from abrasions and can sometimes absorb dye from clothing, so it is recommended that you clean them regularly with soap and water.

Services Offered by Deck Builder Omaha

Deck builder Omaha is a construction company that helps homeowners create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces. They offer a range of services, including building and rebuilding decks and power washing. They can also stain decks, ensuring that they look good and stay protected from the elements.

The company offers wood and composite decks. They can also install patios, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens. They are licensed and insured.

Forsman’s Finest

This company provides services that include deck renovations, repair, and maintenance. They also offer patio covers and roof additions. Their team designs and builds custom decks to help homeowners redefine their outdoor space.

Travis Forsman has been interested in woodworking since he was 14. He started working with his wife in 2018 to establish Forsman’s Finest. He and his team strive to improve the experience homeowners have with contractors.

Connor Becker has been working at Forsman’s Finest since 2018. He says that his dream job is turning client’s ideas into reality on a daily basis.

Grandel’s Construction & Roofing Inc.

Grandel’s Construction & Roofing Inc caters to clients in the Omaha metro. Its services include deck design, construction of cedar and composite decks, pergolas, and covered roofs. It also provides other outdoor construction and remodeling services.

Its roofing solutions cover roof installation, repair, and maintenance services. Its technicians are available around the clock to resolve problems arising from leaking, damage, and missing shingles.

It also repairs sidings, gutters, and soffits, and provides painting and window wraps. It has been in business for more than two decades.

Nastase Contracting Inc.

Nastase Contracting Inc helps clients redefine their backyard spaces by building outdoor decks. It uses a wide range of materials, including composite and cedar, to build custom outdoor structures for its clients. It also builds gazebos, pergolas, and fences.

Deck Dude specializes in building and repairing backyard decks. It uses hidden fasteners and tapes the tops of joists to make its frames durable. It also installs deck railings made of Timbertech brand composite material.

Davis Contracting provides exterior services like deck refinishing and staining, patio construction, trellises, and fencing. Its contractors discuss design options and materials with clients before they begin their projects.

Thompson’s Home Improvements

Whether you’re building a deck, repairing one or adding a patio, you need someone with experience and integrity. You also want a company that knows the local building codes and can handle any issues you might have.

A professional contractor will survey your property and recommend sizes, heights and construction materials that match your lifestyle. He or she will also consider regional factors and your budget. They will also help you decide between a patio or a deck.

Omaha Homescapes

Omaha Homescapes provides deck design and installation services for residential and commercial properties. Its staff can create a custom deck layout and install stairs and railings. It also performs hardscape projects, such as creating a pool and water fountains.

Decks and patios can add beauty, value, and function to a property. They are often exposed to the elements, however, and regular wear can damage them. Staining and painting these structures can protect them from further damage, and make them look new again.


A custom deck can enhance a home’s value and add privacy. It can also provide scenic views and a comfortable space for entertaining. A professional contractor can recommend the best decking material based on regional factors and personal preferences.

Omaha Homescapes helps clients redefine their outdoor space by building and repairing decks. They can also stain and paint the decks to protect them from damage. The company builds cedar and low-maintenance composite decks. Its team can also build porches, gazebos, and other exterior home structures.

Davis Contracting

Davis Contracting is a family-led business that offers contracting services in the Grey and Bruce areas. They have extensive experience in a wide range of home renovations, repairs, and additions. Their services include kitchen and basement remodeling, room additions, replacement windows, and deck building. They also offer septic system design and installation, as well as site clearing and preparation.

This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding, or registration. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain that any requirements are currently being met.

Hunt Home Remodeling

Hunt Home Remodeling is a company that offers deck remodeling and repairs services to clients in Omaha. Its contractors work with customers to create designs and build a deck that fits their needs. They also provide outdoor structures like pergolas and gazebos.

Use Houzz to find the best Decks, Patio & Outdoor Enclosures professionals for your project. Answer a few simple questions, and get matched with pros that suit your needs. Review their past work and customer reviews to decide which one is right for you.

Cheap Sex Dolls

If you’re new to sex doll ownership, buying a cheap one can be a great idea. This will allow you to get your feet wet without having to worry about scuffs or damage to the doll.

However, not all cheap love dolls are made the same. The type of material that the doll consists of will determine how realistic and durable it is.

One of the most important features to look for in a sex doll is its realistic feel. This is especially true if you want to buy a love doll. Fortunately, the market for cheap sex dolls has plenty of options that look great and are durable enough to last for years.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that realistic sex dolls are expensive. The reason for this is that the process of making a life-like doll requires extensive work. Professional sculptors and painters are needed to make molds, models, and lifelike parts like eyes or genitalia.

Another factor that affects the price of a cheap sex doll is its material. Most manufacturers use either silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Silicone dolls tend to be more expensive than TPE ones because of the higher price of the materials. Additionally, silicone is more durable than TPE and does not seep oil.

Some men find their relationships boring and turn to sex dolls for excitement. These toys are a safe way to explore sexual fantasies without hurting one’s real partner or damaging their home. However, it’s important to buy a sex doll that is safe and easy to clean.

Most sex dolls are made from medical-grade TPE or silicone, but some manufacturers use different formulas that affect the feel of the material. Be sure to read the product description carefully before buying a doll, and look for reviews from other users.

Cheaper sex dolls also tend to be lighter, making them easier to carry around. They can also be stored easily, which is ideal for single men who don’t have much storage space at home. They are also a great option for couples who want to try out anal and oral sex. They can even use them as a third party for threesome sessions. A small and lightweight sex doll is also more affordable than a full-size doll, which can be expensive to maintain.

Although cheap sex dolls may initially raise some eyebrows, they’re actually a great option for those with limited space. They’re less bulky than their larger counterparts and can be easily stored in closets or storage boxes. In addition, their lighter weight reduces shipping and handling costs.

When shopping for a love doll, you should consider the material used in its body and head. Avoid dolls made with low-grade TPE, latex, or rubber, which can cause oil leaks and odors, and are susceptible to fungus. Additionally, they’re porous and can trap bacteria inside.

Sex dolls are an excellent option for people who want to satiate their desire for sexual intimacy without taking the risk of STDs that can come with real sex. They are also an affordable alternative to visiting brothels, which can be very expensive and don’t offer a safe environment for men who use condoms.

Another reason why cheap sex dolls are so popular is that they allow you to customize them with a wide variety of options. These can include wigs, eyes, and skin color. In addition, some sites allow you to build a custom doll from the body up. This allows you to control more bodily features, including the bust size and waistline.

Purchasing a cheap sex doll online may raise eyebrows, but it’s a practical and cost-effective choice. Unlike physical stores, online sex doll retailers like SOSEXDOLL are able to offer competitive prices due to lower overhead costs. Moreover, their selections cater to various preferences and budgets.

The Best Florists in Auckland

Whether it’s to impress someone special or spoil your own self, there’s nothing quite like a bunch of flowers. The best florists Auckland offer up curated creations that are sure to please.

For bouquets that look as though they’ve come straight out of a RomCom, head to Mount Eden-based Roses Florist. They’re famed for their sorbet tones, light and soft schemes, and oh-so-pretty palettes.

Mrs Bottomley’s Flowers

Located in Woolston’s The Tannery, Mrs Bottomley’s Flowers offers whimsical delight in flower form. The shop’s mother and daughter team of Liz Marsh and Hannah Marsh Dore believe floral design knows no boundaries and are keen foragers, searching for interesting foliage like fennel seed heads and pussy willow for their arrangements.

Christchurch based florist Alicia Erceg wows with her stunning bouquets and works hard to curb single-use plastic and waste within the floral industry. She’s also a big proponent of working with local farmers, opting out of floral foam and using in-season flowers and foliage.

New Zealand Flowers Week takes place from November 11-17, offering a week-long bloom-filled celebration of everything fragrant and bright. To mark the occasion, five NZ based floristry experts have been tasked with creating bespoke installations reflective of this year’s theme, The Power of Flowers.

Bunch Floral

The green-fingered team at this Jervois Road gem deck out the best venues, weddings and events in town. If you’re after a fresh-faced bouquet that strikes the right balance between modern and rustic, look no further.

They’re also one of the best florists for flowers delivered in Auckland if you want to make a big impression, whether that’s by stealing a spot on your favourite person’s desk or by adding some romance to a budding relationship.

You can get a bespoke bouquet delivery from them by choosing a colour palette, size and delivery date, then let them work their magic. You can even add a custom card for the perfect touch.

Blush Flowers

Whether you’re aiming for that RomCom situation where the entire office stops what they’re doing to stare at your bouquet delivery or just want to spoil someone special, this florist is for you. Expect floral blends with a natural and whimsical flair that play with height and colour, plus curated gifts like macarons and a faux flower bear.

Founder Kelly Karam’s signature pastel-tinged creations have reached cult status among Aucklanders, while her retail space combines fashion and florals with eye-catching details like a long natural brass table. Her impeccable aesthetic also impressed luxury candle makers Ecoya, who invited her to design a fragrance for the brand.

Isadia Floral

With a passion for sustainability, Isadia florists Isabel Johnston and Lydia Reusser lean towards an intuitive and natural style. The duo work closely with their local community of small growers to harness each season’s beauty and follow the unique forms found in flowers, plants and branches.

Their new range of vases are designed with this in mind and capture Monmouth’s exploration of the intrinsic physical and alchemical qualities of materials. The vases are available online and in store.

Sure, a bunch of flowers may only last a week, but if they’re picked and delivered fresh from the source it makes for one seriously sustainable gift. You’ll also support local farmers and cut out the middle man – win, win!

The Flower Project

A spin-off flower business from boutique supermarket Farro has tapped into the needs of a new demographic. The Flower Project -run by Farro’s in-house florist Kathryn Fleming- delivers carefully selected bouquets of $39 or $59 flowers weekly, fortnightly or monthly to homes around Auckland. The business is proving especially popular with chivalrous men, she says.

If you can’t quite afford to splash out, check out your local weekend market for a pretty posy. But if curated goodness is what you’re after, head to Mount Eden’s Roses Florist for their sorbet toned, light and soft creations. They also offer one-off bespoke bouquets and a ‘home flowers bundle’ option to adorn your home with fresh blooms year-round. They source their flowers locally and have a passion for promoting New Zealand growers and products.

Nudity Moderation

Nudity moderation involves identifying and removing gore, drugs, violence, explicit nudity or suggestive nudity from online communities. It is important to protect innocent users and prevent online harm.

The best NSFW image moderation APIs measure their performance along metrics such as Accuracy, Precision, Recall and F1. These are key to not hindering freedom of speech while enforcing strict rules.

Human moderation

Human moderation is necessary to ensure that user-generated content (UGC) doesn’t contain inappropriate, offensive or illegal content. It also protects a company’s reputation and brand integrity. Moreover, it prevents toxic content from spilling offline and causing real-world issues such as cyberbullying, doxxing or stalking.

While AI can be very effective at catching certain images, it is less adept at discerning nuance. For example, a nude image of Janet Jackson’s bare chest might shock Americans while it may not surprise a Spanish, Greek or French viewer. Likewise, it can be difficult for AI to discern between lewd content that should be removed and historical or artistic content that should remain intact.

Moreover, humans have a better grasp of language subtleties such as slang and context, which can help to reduce the level of content penalization. However, it is costly to recruit, train and retain a team of human moderators at scale. Moreover, it can take months for human moderators to review the same number of images that an AI can process in minutes.

AI moderation

Many of the major social media platforms have been under pressure to develop software that can identify pornography, hate speech, threats, and other harmful content faster and more accurately than human moderators. These systems have a hard time understanding context, though. For example, language recognition AI can be fooled by sarcasm or irony, and image recognition AI has trouble with nude imagery or violent images.

To mitigate these risks, many companies offer a variety of moderation AI solutions. Eden AI, for instance, offers a simple API that can be integrated into any web application for text and image moderation. The APIs vary in terms of performance, with some performing better at identifying NSFW content than others. A good metric for comparing these services is precision, which measures the percentage of NSFW images correctly identified as NSFW. Webpurify, for instance, reports a precision rate of 94%.

Automated moderation

As UGC grows in volume, implementing automated moderation is a great way to increase efficiency and keep pace with user demands. However, the goal of automated moderation should be to supplement human moderators rather than replace them. This helps businesses maintain brand integrity and boost user security by removing harmful content in real-time.

Automated moderation also offers greater scalability than manual moderation, which is especially helpful in large online communities and forums. This helps reduce the strain on human moderators, which can cause psychological stress. It also makes it easier to monitor and remove NSFW images, which are often overlooked by manual moderation processes.

To test image moderation, click Upload a Sample Image or navigate to the Image Moderation feature page in Catalyst. This will open a box where you can choose a sample image and view the response bars. The API will then scan the image for the selected criteria and display the probability of detection as a percentage. Supported visual moderation classes include nudity, racy content, gore, drugs, weapons, and hate imagery.

Proactive moderation

With widespread internet access, users are exposed to inappropriate content online that can cause emotional distress or even physical harm. This type of content is often illegal and can be difficult to report. Proactive moderation is an effective method for preventing harmful content from being published, and can be used by human moderators or automated tools.

While the reactive paradigm of taking action against already-posted antisocial content is the most common form of moderation, proactive moderation can be more efficient. It involves screening texts, images, and videos before they are published. This method can be used to identify and remove nudity, copyright infringement, or other forms of abusive content.

The microblogging platform Koo has implemented proactive moderation features that are able to detect and block sexually explicit content, as well as hide or mark toxic comments and hate speech in less than 10 seconds. This approach is aimed at promoting user safety and improving the overall quality of the community.

Car Kits

Car kits allow you to upgrade your car with new features that make driving a little bit more fun. They come in different sizes to fit in your vehicle and offer a lot of functionalities to enhance your driving experience.

One of the first kit cars to become popular was the Meyers Manx dune buggy in 1964. Current kit cars often include replicas of famous classic cars and are designed so that anyone with some technical skills can build them at home.

Bluetooth Speakerphone

Using your phone hands-free while driving is not only legal, but also very convenient and safe. Using the latest Bluetooth technology, car kits make it possible to talk to your callers without having to touch your phone or take your eyes off the road.

These hands-free systems are very affordable and simple to fit. They use a special Bluetooth dongle to transmit audio from your phone (or tablet) through your car speakers or stereo system.

The CK11 is one of the best-selling and most popular Bluetooth speakerphones for your car. It comes in a nice-looking box along with the device itself, a car charger, USB to micro USB charging cable and user manual.

The device itself is very compact and minimalistic. All control buttons are on the front side – tuning button, two track buttons and multifunction button (play/pause/answer/end/reject calls). It is supposed to be attached to the sun visor with a strong clip. It has a LED display that shows status of the battery, audio playback and incoming calls.


A headset is a piece of hardware that can be attached to the head for private listening to audio. They can be used to listen to music, talk on the phone and even for sports activities. Headphones can be used to improve the experience while driving a car and they can also help to prevent distraction that can lead to road accidents.

A traditional pair of headphones consists of two speakers contained in padded ovular enclosures that are joined to an arching headband that supports them. They trail a left and right channel signal wire that joins at the top to a connector that plugs into a headphone jack on a device like an MP3 player, smartphone or computer.

The quality of the sound varies between different models and can be influenced by various specifications such as frequency response, impedance and more. Some headsets are even equipped with active noise cancellation that can further enhance the quality of the music listening experience.

AUX Cables

Aux cables are a great way to transfer audio signals between your phone and a car stereo system. They feature a 3.5mm jack on both ends and are used to connect most mobile devices that play music to your car radio’s aux input.

A high-quality auxiliary cable should not cost too much, and you can usually find one within the $5 to $10 price range. However, it’s important to do your research to ensure that you’re purchasing a cable that will work well with your device. The best aux cables will have gold-plated connectors, which improve sound transmission and reduce electronic interference.

If you’re looking for a versatile aux cable that works with most mobile devices, check out the Syncwire Nylon Braided Aux Cord. Its flat design prevents tangles and makes it easy to handle and store. Plus, it’s compatible with all audio-playing devices that have a 3.5mm aux port. It’s also equipped with a 15000+ bending lifespan for added durability.

Car Charger

A car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter or power outlet of a vehicle and connects to devices such as cell phones for battery charging on the move. Some types can also have extra functionality – a popular option works as both a USB charger and an FM transmitter, allowing the user to play music on their MP3 player or smartphone while broadcasting it via one of the many available FM channels on their car radio.

Check the power output capability – 2.1 and 2.4 amps is common but higher is possible. Also look for multiple sockets – some are designed to provide two USB ports and others can offer more. Also check that the leads will not obstruct any controls in the driver’s area of the vehicle.

Keep your PTT phone connected for hands-free driving and communication with this kit featuring a junction box, 10-watt external speaker, noise-canceling visor microphone and charging cradle. Easily attaches to the air vent with magnetic mount and includes microfiber storage bag that doubles as a screen wipe.

More North Shore Homeowners Choose Heat Pumps to Combat Rising Fossil Fuel Prices

More homeowners on the North Shore City and Suburbs area are choosing North Shore heat pumps to help combat rising fossil fuel prices. These innovative heating systems provide both air conditioning and heating.

In the heating mode, heat pumps pull in the cool air from outside and transfer it into your home to make it warm. In the cooling mode, it works in reverse to remove the hot air from inside your house.

Air Source

Air source heat pumps capture the warmth from the air and transfer it to a home. They run on refrigerant and use a refrigeration cycle to step up the temperature of the air before it is delivered. They are considered environmentally friendly as they don’t burn anything and they use R410A refrigerant which is less damaging to the ozone layer.

They work best in warmer climates, but technology has made tremendous strides and they are now an excellent heating solution for Wakefield homeowners. They operate well even in freezing temperatures. Of course, the homeowner’s energy usage, insulation and draught-proofing all impact how cost-effective they are to operate.

Unlike furnaces and boilers, heat pumps provide a continuous flow of warm air and can also be used to dehumidify your home. They are a great replacement for old, inefficient furnaces and boilers.

Water Source

Water source heat pumps operate on the same principle as air sourced heat pumps but extract heat from a body of water (usually a lake or reservoir). A piping system is laid under the surface and cycles water through the system absorbing and transporting heat to your house.

As with air sourced, the water supply must be of sufficient quality as mineral/biological contaminants can foul the heat pump’s water to refrigerant heat exchanger resulting in a water starvation condition that triggers an automatic shutdown. Kensa can establish the required flow rates during the sizing stage to avoid this scenario.

Open loop systems must be designed to allow for an adequate amount of water flow during load conditions to prevent clogging of the borehole/aquifer. A typical heat pump requires two to three gallons of water per minute for each ton (12,000 Btu/hr) of heating capacity. This is usually achieved by pipeing the heat pumps in parallel using closely spaced header assemblies and dedicated circulators.


An electric heat pump system extracts heat energy from the air, even when it’s cold. In a ducted or ductless mini-split system, a cool liquid in the condensing unit absorbs the heat energy from the outside air and concentrates it.

The heat is then used to warm your home. The electricity that’s used for this is sourced from the electric grid, which means it produces far less carbon than a fossil fuel furnace.

Kearney HVAC is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, and we install their high-efficiency ductless heating systems in homes throughout the North Shore. We also help homeowners get up to $10,000 back with the Mass Save heat pump rebate. To learn more, call us for a virtual home energy checkup. You can also schedule a free, one-on-one consultation with an energy expert to find out what the best heat pump system is for your home. A properly sized heat pump will provide you with optimal comfort while lowering your energy bills.

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Heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient options for heating your home. In winter they extract heat from the air outside (even when it is very cold) and pump it into your house. In summer the cycle is reversed and they push heat from your house out into the air, much like an air conditioner.

They rely on electricity but use significantly less of it than furnaces or electric boilers. They also produce no carbon emissions, only extracting heat from the environment.

If you want to improve the comfort of your Winnetka area home and reduce your utility bills, a heat pump is an excellent option. And with the right rebates, you can save up to $13,000 on a new heat pump system!